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Custom Design


1. Sizing must be done on all rings before a wax can be carved. This can be done by me, or by a local jewelry store. If that is not possible a thin strip of paper wrapped around the finger and marked where it overlaps will give me a starting point.


2. A simple drawing may help me to determine the style of the project. At the start simple is better as I will also do a more detailed rendering, and get all the specifications before I start carving. If this is a design made up of manufactured pieces I will order them for you to see, and show you a drawing of how it will look assembled. Any stones will also be ordered for your approval at this time.


3. The specifications for the design are generally done in millimeters, but we can work in inches if you are more comfortable. They will include the finger size, the width along the finger, the height of the stone set in the setting, number of prongs, or bezel set with no prongs, number of stones, type of stone [quality], size and color of the stones. Of course I also design earrings, bracelets, pendants, and pins.

4. Custom designed wedding bands are a specialty of mine and also pose a challenge. Today's brides to be or their future husbands don't always choose the simple tiffany mounting that fits with any band, so a custom carved band may be the answer. To start I need the size of the finger, an idea of how wide the band will be at the top of the finger and the width under the finger. The widths must include the total width including the original engagement ring and the individual width of the band alone top and bottom. The height of the top of the band is also a factor. I usually taper the band's height with the engagement ring, but always remember this is your ring and I will make it to your liking. The contouring along the edge of the band will match your ring and fit together with it so the design matches in both contour [fit] and concept. However if they are not tack soldered together they may not stay together [tack soldering can be separated easily]. This can be done later or not at all as you wish. You will see a wax model first, that can be changed easily before casting and finishing the ring.

5. There are steps in doing custom waxes that can take the worry out of starting a project like this: The drawing and specs, the parts and the stones, then the finished wax, then mounting finished without the stones set, and then the final product with the stones set and the ring with the proper finger size.

6. Pricing is done on estimate with a third of that estimate as a deposit to start the work. After we have come to an agreement on design with a drawing, a ring size and all the specs agreed upon. After I have ordered the parts or carved a finished wax, and they have been approved, there will be the second payment due of one third the estimated price. At this point there is no refund, or changing the design without addition cost as I will be casting, soldering, or setting using the approved parts. Of course if the parts or wax isn't to your liking it can be reordered or the wax reworked at no charge to you. And the final payment is due at the presentation with the appraisal and of course a beautiful box. And if we are doing this through the mail it also will include this registered mail charge and handling.

7. Appraisals are free on items over $800 dollars. The charge for appraisals is $35 dollars. I only do appraisals on my products, or products I sell. The information I use is up to date and accurate and reflects current retail pricing.

8. Hand engraving service is available through a third party and I feel it is up to my standards of quality. However since I am not doing the work I will guarantee only that it is done on time and in a fashion that we had agreed on [design]. For instance dates can be inscribed inside rings or on the backs of pins or pendants, etc. Matching designs can be engraved on bands. My engraver is very good and can do most anything we can come up with.

9. Old stones can be brought back to life by re-polishing their top surface. If you are redesigning a ring and the stone is chipped or scratched it will not show off the design you had in mind and will not have the value of a new piece of jewelry. I can send the stone to be refashioned and your new custom design will be everything you had envisioned. This includes color stones as well as diamonds.

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